Hi We're Charity and Kim

We came together several years ago to create a clinic for our personal practices. Over time, and many experiences, we realized we were being guided to develop courses to reach more people. We truly believe in the power of the heart and in the inborn movement of the soul to learn, grow and love. 

I'm Kim Johnson
Dr. Ac., TCMP

I have been focused on the movements of the soul for many decades now. Initially in my twenties, I learned a couple of different types of hands-on energy work. Eventually that led me to my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I've been in clinical practice since 2006. Around 1994 I met my first spirit guide and have consciously worked with her and others ever since. Together we have been learning, remembering and developing a holographic energy work that is referred to now as the Elaysian Wheel. It is used both on a personal scale and on a planetary level to help all of us and Mother Earth create a new harmony that truly supports the health and well being of all. 

I'm Charity blechinger


After going through my own health crisis and assisting my son with a severe anxiety disorder, I have dedicated myself to my passions: nutrition, mental health, and spiritual well-being. Using my WholeSELF Method, I strive to help people embark on a transformative journey of internal healing, enabling them to rediscover their true selves and live a life filled with purpose. Everyone deserves to feel amazing and shine their true light out into the world.
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