Finding You From The Inside Out 

letting go of stress
awakening inner balance
consciously aligning to your true self

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and inner transformation?

Welcome to "Finding You From the Inside Out," a dynamic
3 month
group coaching program designed to guide you through a profound exploration of self and help you unlock a life of calm, purpose, and authenticity. Through the transformative power of our WholeSELF Method, this program is meticulously crafted to lead you from a place of anxiety, overwhelm, and uncertainty towards a state of inner peace, clarity, and alignment with your true essence.

Enrolling in our program, "Finding You from the Inside Out," offers a unique opportunity for profound personal transformation and holistic self-improvement. Through our comprehensive WholeSELF Method, we guide you on a journey towards inner balance, emotional resilience, and authentic living. Our program explores all facets of your being – physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, expressive, and energetic – to help you achieve a state of inner calm and clarity. Each module is carefully designed to provide you with practical tools and techniques that empower you to create lasting change. You'll gain insights into your self-narrative, learn to cultivate a sense of peace within your body, process challenging emotions with self-compassion, adopt healthier lifestyle habits, reclaim your time, set boundaries in toxic environments, and connect deeply with nature's wisdom. By understanding and clearing out what no longer serves you on an energetic level, you'll experience improved health and overall well-being. This program is your path to self-discovery, resilience, and a life aligned with your true self, where you can thrive in all aspects of your life.

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Your Transformative journey includes...

Interactive video

25+ Video lessons for review at your own pace.

Support material

Multiple PDF's, audios and E-books, to help you on your journey.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Dive deep weekly into a specific question and learn from others.

Daily Support

Daily support for the questions that come up in between coaching calls.

Private Facebook group

Dedicated Private Facebook Group for the questions and connecting with people who are on a similar journey.

Overview of Course Modules

To successfully move our body into a calm state, we need to look at all aspects of ourselves using the WholeSELF Method. This method supports us in becoming aware of our physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, expressive and energetic self. Each of the following modules includes multiple lessons in a mix of video, audio and text formats. 
  • Change Your Story - Understanding your WholeSELF and moving towards your future self.
  • Creating Calm in the Body - Empowering tools and techniques to make you feel relaxed and calm in your body.
  • Processing Your Inner World - Discovering how to process difficult emotions and start loving yourself.
  • From Chaos to Calm - Diving deep into nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Creating Time For You - Navigating the things that consume your time.
  • Coping with External Impacts - Setting boundaries and understanding toxic environments.
  • Creating Connection and Balance - Exploring how nature, the seasons and the elements can help you grow and gain insight on your journey.
  • Clearing Out What Isn't For You - Understanding your energetic self and how it impacts your health  and well-being.

Bonuses included When you Pay in Full

3 - months Additional
 Daily Support 

3- months  Additional Access to Facebook Group and Weekly Coaching Calls

3 x 45 minute
 1:1 coaching calls

Ready to embark on a transformative journey toward inner peace and self-discovery? Join 'Finding You from the Inside Out' now and unlock a life of calm, purpose, and authenticity. Enroll today to start your journey toward a brighter future.

Payment plans available upon request

by emailing
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Charity is a Holistic Wellness and Energetics Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer. After going through her own health crisis and assisting her son with a severe anxiety disorder, she has dedicated herself to her passions: nutrition, mental health, and spiritual well-being. Her goal is to help people learn how to alleviate their stress, overwhelm, and confusion. She guides them on a transformative journey of internal healing, enabling them to rediscover their true selves and live a life filled with purpose. Charity truly believes everyone deserves to feel amazing and shine their awesomeness out into the world.

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